MilkedditMilkedditThe complete reddit solution for all your devices.

Available on your Mac...

The first of its kind.

Enjoy a stunning reddit experience on your macOS device.

The gorgeous layout and a night mode option, along with the ability to create posts and multireddits from anywhere in the app, upload images without the need to use third-party services, as well as reply to any post or comment with absolute ease, makes this an essential for reddit users. Not only is Milkeddit a complete solution for your reddit needs, but it is also an enjoyable one.

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...On your tablet...

Enjoy Milkeddit on a bigger screen.

Milkeddit for the big screen makes browsing content from reddit that much more enjoyable.

With support for multireddits, mute filters, reddit-wide searching, a plethora of customisation options, and more themes than you can shake a stick at, Milkeddit for iPad has everything you already knew and loved about reddit, and so much more.

Now available.

...And in your pocket.

Take Milkeddit with you wherever you go.

Milkeddit for iOS is a no-brainer when it comes to browsing content from reddit.

With support for multiple accounts, 3D Touch, multireddits, mute filters, an in-app image and gif viewer, a dedicated gallery mode, full-screen browsing, and a plethora of customisation options, Milkeddit has everything you’ll expect from reddit, and much more which you will come to love. “Pictures don’t do it justice.”

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What time is it?

It's time for Milkeddit.

Having Milkeddit on your wrist means that you’re never too far away from the latest in the world of news, books, or the world of movies and celebrities, find out everything you may ever want to, right from your Apple Watch.

Scroll through timelines, view post details, vote and give your opinion, and get notified when someone sends you a message or comments on your posts.

Reddit in 1080p and 4K.

Now on your TV too.

Milkeddit for TV is the definitive reddit solution when it comes to browsing the site from the comfort of your sofa. Browse intriguing posts and content from the Front Page and r/All, and see the brilliant linked content and media. Tap posts to view comments and enjoy the reddit experience.

Reddit on your TV? Who knew.

Now available.


Number one News app

Featured as the number one Top Paid and Top Grossing app in the AppStore News category on both iOS and OS X.

Pictures don’t do it justice

Cited as one of the most beautiful and fluid reddit client for iOS, as well as a gorgeous and necessary addition to OS X.

Featured on ProductHunt

Both the iOS and OS X apps have been featured on and made an appearance on ProductHunt.