Reddit in your pocket.

Take Milkeddit with you wherever you go.

Select your preferred layout for text and thumbnails, and choose from a set of gorgeous themes, which includes night mode, to help you read better in the later hours. Have complete control over metadata, and toggle the hiding of voted and read posts. See how long posts take to read before reading them, and much more.

Milkeddit isn’t just a reddit client, Milkeddit is your reddit client. Made for you.


Powerful search and mute filters.

Find what you want, and stop unwanted content popping up.

Finding what you want has never been easier. You’ve already found Milkeddit, now let’s find some content. Search across reddit, and mute certain words or phrases from ever popping up onto your feed. Filter the content, subscribe and bookmark subreddits for later viewing, send posts to your favourite ‘read later’ service, and watch how Milkeddit becomes personalised to you.

Hello, beautiful.

Love at first sight.

Milkeddit is undeniably gorgeous. From the meticulously crafted animations, to the lush visuals, this reddit client makes browsing through your favourite subreddits an absolute pleasure. It looks like it belongs on your phone. It looks like it belongs in a gallery. It looks like it belongs in your life.

The ability to view just how long comments take to read is something that many are not aware they need, right up until they need it. Large images within comment panes allow for a glimpse into the post’s content, and the inline imgur images reduces your need to tap and get redirected. It’s all there, right in front of you, beautifully displayed.


Fun and multi-talented.

Multireddit support is a given.

The fluid refresh animations, the playful theme changes, the gorgeous colours, the stunning appearance, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Everything you touch and swipe is beautifully created to give you the best experience possible.

Multireddits can be browsed, created, edited, and experienced in a way unlike anything before. Everything you expect from a reddit client is packed into this wonderful app, and it’s an enjoyable one to use.