Now on your Mac too.

The first of its kind.

Enjoy a stunning reddit experience on your macOS device.

The gorgeous layout and a night mode option, along with the ability to create posts and multireddits from anywhere in the app, upload images without the need to use third-party services, as well as reply to any post or comment with absolute ease, makes this an essential for reddit users. Not only is Milkeddit a complete solution for your reddit needs, but it is also an enjoyable one.

Made for you.

Beautiful in every way.

With a simple and intuitive interface, coupled with the easy-to-use swipe gestures that make voting a breeze, multireddit support to browse and create at your leisure, brilliant push notifications to get alerted when you receive a message or post/comment reply, as well as a customisable in-app media viewer, Milkeddit has everything you’ll expect from reddit, and much more which you will come to love.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 19.15.12


Multireddit support is a given.

Milkeddit has multireddit browsing, creation, and editing support. You can see the subreddits contained within your favourite multireddits, or make your own for a personalised experience. This is reddit, your way, just how you want it.

Voting is a right.

You decide which way posts go.

Upvote, downvote, save, hide, report, share, whatever it is that you wish to do with a post, it’s just a swipe away.

The ability to bookmark your favourite subreddits is something that makes Milkeddit even more personal to you. Once bookmarked, they will show up on your sidebar for quick and easy access. Brilliant.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 18.46.28
Collection 7 - Mock up 13 - Add-on

There's a shortcut for that.

Keyboard shortcuts, and menu options galore.

Is swiping too much effort? Why not use the dedicated keyboard shortcuts to vote and reply, to post and comment, to scroll and search, to go to subreddits, and mute phrases. Everything’s at the touch of your fingertips.

Contextual menus also means that mouse users don’t get left out of the fun. Now everyone gets to vote and share their favourite posts.